An Overview of the Roofer’s Marketing Membership Site

Print out this overview of what is contained in your Membership Area.
This will help you to decide where you would like to start.

Save This Form

Use this form to record notes on all of the training videos in the Member’s Area.
Print out one copy for each Video.

Claiming Your Google Gmail E-Mail Account – Video

If you don’t already have a Gmail Account, this will be one of the first things you will want to set up.
You will use your Gmail Account as the foundation for setting up other accounts like:
Google+, Google Keyword Tool, Google Analytics, Google Places and more.
Watch the Video below to see how easy it is to set up your account.

Computer & Internet Terminology

If you are new to the terminology of Computers and the Internet this
will help you get a quick overview of some of the most common terms.

Starter Pack – Downloads

Here are a few of the basic items you may need to get started marketing online.
Free free to modify and use them any way you like.

Starter Logos

To learn how to customize these for your business visit the “Graphics/Branding” section of the Members Area.

7 Starter Blog Posts

To learn how to set up your own blog visit the “Websites & Blogs” section of the Members Area.

Free E-Book For Your Site

Use this E-Book to incentivize people to Opt-In to your Mailing List. To learn more about setting up a newsletter subscription Opt-In form, visit the “Follow-Up” section of the Members Area.

Website / Blog Headers

To learn how to customize these visit the “Graphics/Branding” section of the Members Area.

E-mail Auto-responder Series

To learn how to use Auto-responder messages for effective follow-up visit the “Follow-Up” section of the Members Area.