Niche Marketing for Roofing Contractors

Do you have a neighborhood that you would like to dominate? Maybe it is that 25 year old upscale housing tract that is 75% shake roofs and you want to be the one who gets to re-roof them.

How can you use niche marketing to help you dominate your target market or neighborhood? If this niche is really worth targeting, meaning it has enough work (or high dollar/profit work) that if you were to get 15-25% of the re-roof’s it would justify the cost of marketing then some of the suggestions below could be worth your time.

First – define your niche. For most residential roofers it would be a specific neighborhood. Other examples of good niches could be HOA’s, schools, community housing projects, etc. After you have defined your niche take a look at who your target customers are. The benefit of marketing to a niche is that most members of it will have common traits. The main trait you will be looking for here is: How do they make their buying decisions?

  • For example, most residential home owners really value the opinion of their neighbors and additionally are likely to use the internet to research contractors and materials. With that in mind it could be good to look at how you can precisely target those areas.

One good place to start would be to register a domain name that includes the name of the subdivision or neighborhood. For example if the neighborhood is called Mira Vista you could look into registering, or something like that.

Then you could set up a free blog at and easily build a small site that targets that niche and links back to your main site. On that site you should make sure to include photos of all of the jobs you have done in that niche and also include as many testimonials from your other customers that live in that area as possible.

In addition to the customized site I would recommend sending a monthly newsletter to your niche that contains information that is beneficial to your target market. This will go a long way to making your company the company of choice in your chosen niche.

Another good idea would be to create a Facebook page just for that niche where you could post pictures of the jobs you have done just in that neighborhood or market segment. On that page you would also want to set up a reviews tab and have past customers in that area post reviews of your work.

Then, whatever other marketing you do for that neighborhood make sure that you include the domain name for your customized site, or Facebook page on it. Make yourself the expert for your niche and target your marketing. This will have you on your way to dominating it. Your competition will have no idea what happened.