Get Marketing Help From Your Roofing Manufacturer

When you look at all of your options for marketing it can be overwhelming and expensive. However, one very overlooked source of marketing assistance is your roofing manufacturer. You should be asking your local manufacturer’s sales reps for marketing assistance. This assistance should be available to you even if you are not a certified or preferred roofing contractor. If you don’t know who your local rep is just ask your distributor for their contact information, or better yet, to set up a lunch for you with them.

What sort of marketing help can they offer? It really depends on the rep and how much of his budget he is willing to spend. Every manufacturer’s rep is given a marketing budget to use to promote their products to contractors. One of the most common items that you can get from your rep is yard signs. As I have mentioned yard signs are a very powerful marketing tool and should be used on every job (use the QR code generator in the Roofer’s Marketing Membership site to create QR codes to put on your yard signs). You can also ask your rep for such items as bid proposal folders, magnetic truck signs, truck lettering, business cards, direct mail pieces, home show promo items and more.

Who is willing to spend the most to help you market your roofing business? Usually this will be whatever rep of the big manufacturer’s that is not the market leader. For example, if everyone uses brand X & Y you should call the brand Z rep and talk to them about what they can do for you if you were to start using their products. On the other hand, if you are very loyal to one brand you should contact that rep and see what they can do for you to help maintain (and earn) that loyalty.

What if no reps are willing to help you (or they won’t help you unless you sign up for a program)? That would be surprising but possible. In that case I would talk to your local distributor and see if they will set up a local promo with the manufacturer to provide yards signs or some other marketing item with every purchase (or with a minimum amount of purchases). For example, I have seen promos that give you five yards signs with every 50 Squares of material purchased. This is something almost every rep can set up with his distributors, even though they may not do it very often (usually because it creates some extra work for them).

The bottom line is; don’t be afraid to ask for help in this difficult economy. If you do you may be surprised at the amount of marketing help that is available to your from your manufacturer.