Contractor Marketing and My Broken Garage Door

What does my garage door and your marketing have in common? Actually a lot. Here’s why.

A couple of weeks ago my wife called my saying that she was locked in the house because the garage door would not open. Sure enough the coil tension spring had broken and we could not even open it manually. It was time to call a contractor for repair.

Not knowing any garage door repair contractors where would I turn? The yellow pages? Nope, don’t even know where it is. Google? Yes. But did I go on the hunt for the best looking website? No. Did I pick the first contractor that popped up in the search results? Actually no. Why not? How did I know if they were any good? I actually used, an online user review and local search engine. Now I have not gotten into the yelp craze. I do not use it to find my next meal or even my haircut, but when I wanted someone that would fix my garage door without taking me to the cleaners, I decided to check it out.

A quick search for garage door repair in my town gave my nine choices. The first result was a contractor who had all positive reviews. Here is the first review that caught my attention: “Super nice guy!  Our springs on our garage broke on Saturday morning.  Called him up and he was there within the hour just like he said he would be.  He fixed our garage door in under 30 minutes.” Wow someone with the same problem as mine who had good results, the kind of results I was looking for.

I called this contractor and set up an appointment and had the exact same results as was posted by others. Great service, fair price and a really nice guy. I was really glad I found and called him. Then I had a revelation. How many roofing contractors have completely ignored online social review sites like yelp and are missing out on business as a result?

So what can you do to start benefiting from this online trend?

  1. Search for your business on sites such as,,, Google places and others.
  2. Register your business and make sure all of your information is complete and accurate.
  3. If your business is already listed get signed up so that you can thank those who leave good reviews and respond to any negative ones.
  4. If you do have to respond to negative reviews make sure you do it in a factual and non-aggressive way. Think about how you would feel as a potential customer reading your words.
  5. Visit the site often to see what is being said about your business.

Taking advantage of social review sites could be one of the least expensive and most effective things you could do for your roofing business this year.