The “Are Talking About This” Counter on Facebook Pages

Roofing Contractors with Facebook Pages – Have you noticed the new “Are Talking About This” counter below your Page Like Totals? What is it about? Here is the answer from Facebook:

About the new “People Talking About This” metric.

“People Talking about this” counts ‘stories” – structured content that people choose to share through Facebook that is eligible to appear in a user’s news feed:

  • liking your Page
  • posting to your Page’s Wall
  • liking, commenting or sharing one of your Page posts (or other content on your page – like photos, videos, albums)
  • answering a Question you posted, RSVP-ing to one of your events
  • mentioning your Page, phototagging your Page
  • liking or sharing a check-in deal, or checking in at your Place.

What does this mean for Roofing Contractors with Facebook Pages?

It means that more than ever before gaining and maintaining a real connection with your Facebook Fans is more important than ever. You really need to focus on sharing content that they want to share with others.

This is not easy, but it is well worth the effort, especially now as our news feeds are more crowded than ever. Facebook is trying to make sure that our news feeds stay relevant to each individual and in the end only the best content will be seen. In order for your messages to been seen by your page followers, you need to make sure they are something worth talking about.

Please share your thoughts about this new feature, and please share this with your friends!