Why do they Buy what they Buy?

What really motivates someone to buy a new roof?  I would venture to guess that for many people the news that “you need a new roof” ranks right up there with needing a new set of brakes for the car.  It is a necessary but unexpected expense.  However for others it can be a very exciting prospect.

This is why before you try to sell or market a roof to someone you need to discover why they are buying what they are buying.

For example, let’s say your target market is re-roofing older homes that are in desperate need of a new roof.  Would highlighting the beauty and prestige of a new roof really resonate with these potential clients?  Most likely not.  If they have put off getting a roof this long they very likely view it as an unpleasant but necessary expense.  In  this case you could reach them by highlighting the performance aspects of the roof, how you have done your research so that you will ensure that this is the last time in a long time that they will have to deal with the roof.  You also may make your marketing more value oriented highlighting the money savings you and a new roof can bring.  Financing options and same as cash programs may also be a very good subject to bring up in your ads.

On the other hand, if you are marketing to the remodel client or to those in a subdivision where there is a lot of re-roof activity before the old roofs are really worn out, you would want your marketing and sales approach to take a very different emotional approach.  Here you would focus on the looks, features and prestige of your roofing products and company.  You may want to highlight alternative products that could set their home apart from their neighbors (make the neighbors jealous).

The next time you develop a marketing piece make sure that you look closely at your target maket and really examine what their motivation is for getting a new roof.  This extra effort will dramatically increase the returns you get from  your marketing.

1 - Examine your current marketing pieces and make sure that the message matches the market.

2 - Develop new marketing pieces to match markets that your current marketing does not match up with.