What is the Difference Between Selling and Marketing?

A common mistake many small business owners, including roofing contractors, make is confusing marketing with selling.  “I don’t need to do much marketing, I am an excellent salesman.”  Is that true?  What are the differences?

Let’s use the old saying “you could sell ice to an Eskimo” to answer that.  Selling is obvious.  Many roofing contractors are excellent salesmen once they are in front of a homeowner.

The question is: Where are the Eskimo’s?  How do I get them to call me?  That is where marketing comes in.  It does not matter how good of a roofer you are, or how good of a salesman you are, if you have no one to talk to.  Sadly, many people are hiring roofing contractors who are not as good as you at sales or roofing.  Why?  They have better marketing.

This probably seems obvious but it is a good reminder that no matter how good we are we still need a solid marketing program to be successful in today’s market.