What are Your Marketing Goals? 8 Questions You Should Ask

Marketing goals?  I want to make money!  Ultimately that is the goal, however, there are a number of questions you should ask before laying down your hard earned money on an advertising campaign that does not really accomplish what you hope it will.

1 - What is the goal of this marketing piece?  Is it to build brand awareness in my community or is it to bring an immediate rush of business.  Your answer to this question should really affect the look, feel and message of your ad.

2 - How can I measure the results of this ad to see if it meets my goals?

3 – How much business am I expecting to gain in order to consider this ad successful?

4 - If it doesn’t work what changes will I make?

5 - Does this ad harmonize with other marketing pieces you have done in the past to help build name brand recognition?

6 - Do I need to change the way my business is seen in my market, is my image outdated?

7 - Do I have a consistent message to the market that people will remember?

8 - Have I completed a marketing plan and set specific sales and profit goals that will help me measure the effectiveness of my marketing efforts?

- “The only gauge of success we have is profit – honest profit”  REX BEACH

Setting marketing goals can help your roofing business succeed.