The Importance of Testing Your Roofing Marketing

There it is, you are so proud.  The shiny new postcard is ready to be sent.  How could anyone resist the beautiful pictures and bullet points?  You can hardly wait for the flood of calls this will surely generate.  This was a mistake I made and thousands of dollars later I still had no calls from that beautiful postcard.  What should I have done?  Tested it first!

No matter how perfect you or your graphics design person thinks your marketing is, you should test it.  How?

Roofers should take advantage of a long known marketing strategy called “split testing”.  How can you use split testing to improve the rate of return you get on your marketing?  Here is an example:

Lets say you have identified a specific neighborhood with 500 houses as the perfect re-roof opportunity, you have developed a direct mail piece and are ready to send it out.   Ideally I would recommend that you have two different mailers and send each one to 100 homes.  Wait 2-3 weeks and see which one gets a greater response.  If one mailer gets 1 call and the other gets 2 you will have identified a message that is 100% more effective than the other.

If neither mailer gets a response take some time to analyze what your message is and if it is really matches up with the targeted market.  Is the neighborhood you are marketing to made up of smaller homes and the ad you sent contains pictures of beautiful mansions and high end roofing (or vice-versa)?  If this is the case your marketing may be sending the wrong message.

Does your marketing contain a specific call to action?  Are you trying to get people to call or maybe to visit your web site?  Either way make sure you make clear what action you would like the reader to take.  You may want to incentivize this by offering a free report or other item that will encourage them to contact you.

Once you have revised your message for your market, test again!  Send it to 100 homes and compare the response to your previous mailings.  Once you have a message that is working, then mail it to the entire area.

Marketing for Roofers is expensive, especially direct mail marketing.  Make sure that you don’t spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on advertising that is not effective.  By split testing first you can make sure that your next roofing ad campaign will be effective and bring the results you want.

Remember – Test it first!