Roofing Contractors – Your Competitors Are Busy! Part 3

In Part 1 we identified ways to see which roofing contractors are busy in your market and what your percentage of market share is.

In Part 2 we looked at important questions you should ask based on that information.  Now the question is:  How can you use this information to grow your market share?

What is the number one thing most roofing contractors in your market do to try to gain market share?  Lower Prices.  This is a big mistake.  The other day one roofer told me that when he sees the prices of some of his competition, he thinks they must have to get a loan just to do the job because they have to be losing money.  This seems to be a common feeling.  Is lowering your price the best way to get more work?

Let’s refer to the great marketing company, Jack-In-The-Box, for the answer to that question.  A couple of years ago they had a commercial where a worried assistant runs up to Jack to inform him that he is losing money on every burger they sell.  Jack calmly replies “I have one word for you – Volume”.  It may work for Jack-In-The-Box but it is a terrible strategy for roofing contractors.

How can you grow your market share without lowering your price?  Here are a few ways.

1 - Good marketing makes selling easy easier.  If you have done an effective job of marketing your roofing company and you have built a relationship with your potential customers, through your marketing, they will already have a good idea of the value you bring before you ever step into their home.  This can help remove some of the price barrier ahead of time.

2 - Can you clearly tell your customer in 30 seconds or less why they should do business with you, instead of your competition?  This is not as simple as saying “We have been in business for xx years” or “We have experienced crews”.  These are things your competitors are sure to tell them also.  You need to come up with a statement that will clearly differentiate you from your competitors by saying something that they cannot say.

3 - Talk to your past customers and ask them ‘why they chose you’.  This can give you a good idea of what consumers see as your strengths.  You can then leverage this in your marketing and in your face to face sales.

4 - Do not imitate the marketing you see on television.  Large corporations spend millions of dollars each year to pay for Branding Ads that are designed to do nothing more than drill a brand name into the minds of viewers.  Most roofing companies cannot afford to advertise enough to accomplish this task.  Instead, make sure that your marketing is targeted to a consumer who needs a roof and make sure that your advertising provides useful information that will help a potential customer see why they should use you, before they ever meet you.

These are just a few suggestions that can help you grow your market share.

Please comment below on other methods you have found effective.