Marketing is More Than Advertising, 5 Tips for Roofers

What does a well rounded marketing campaign for a roofing contractor include?  Beyond your web site or yellow page ad, your marketing includes every aspect of your business that your potential customer comes in contact with.

In a previous post we looked at how the way your crews act on a job site can affect how others perceive your company.  But, there are many other factors that can influence whether or not a person wants to do business with your company.

Before you spend money attracting customers make sure you have these aspects of your business dialed in.

1 - The appearance of your trucks and how you and your workers drive in those trucks.  That person you just cut-off may need a new roof!

2 - The condition of your office/showroom.  This can make a big impression on potential customers.

3 - The way you or others answer the phone.  Are they courteous and professional?  Do they really care if the person on the other end chooses your company?  Are callers treated as an interruption or vital source of business?  Do you quickly return phone calls?  Is your voice mail message friendly and professional?

4 - Your employees, are they enthusiastic or are they just going through the motions?

5 - Your current marketing materials.  When you give a bid for a new roof is your quote thorough, clean, neat and professional?

These 5 items all seem obvious.  However, if just one is off you may find that customers choose not to use you even though they can’t really put their finger on why.

If you make sure that the basic items are covered you may find that your marketing efforts become more effective and your close rate improves.