Is Price the only thing that matters in your market?

“Yes!  At least it is in MY market!”  This is the enthusiastic answer I get from most roofers when I ask if price is the only thing that matters to their customers and prospects.  I do agree that price is an important  aspect of marketing in this economy.  It is vital to recognize that price is not the only, or even the most important consideration for many homeowners when choosing a roofing contractor.  Before you say “Not in MY market” let me share an interesting experience with you.

This spring I attended the International Roofing Expo in Las Vegas.  Each morning there were a number of seminars that roofers could attend.  I attended one at 7:30 a.m. on marketing for roofers.  After introducing himself the speaker stated that he was convinced that people did not buy roofs based on price.  Now imagine how  a roomful of roofers sounded at 7:30 a.m. in Las Vegas when he said that!  “I got out of bed for this….”  was a common sentiment.

He then went on to ask if anyone in the room had purchased a roof in the last few years before starting to work for  a roofing company.  One woman raised her had and stated that she had purchased a roof just before she went to work at a roofing company.  He asked her ‘What did you look for in a roofer?’  She replied ‘I wanted the lowest price!’  Roars of applause erupted from the roof of sleepy roofers.  ‘O.K.’ he said ‘did you hire the cheapest roofer?’  ‘Well actually no’ she replied.  ‘Why not?’ he asked.  She then went on to relate that she did not really feel comfortable with him and he did not seem to really know his stuff.  He then asked her why she chose the contractor she did.  She said ‘well, he was friendly, clean cut, and he was very knowledgeable.’  ‘He also had a good price’ she added ‘just not the lowest.’

So the speaker made his point.  This woman valued three things higher than price – 1) Friendly  2) Nice Appearance  3) Knowledge – price came in a number 4.  This is important to remember. This shows how meeting the customer face to face and having a professional appearance and marketing tools can really pay off.  Especially in Your market!