Are Your Roofing Crews Hurting Your Marketing?

I was reading a blog that a gentleman wrote about how he is really bothered by the roofing crew working in his neighborhood.  He described loud music that was blaring out of opened truck doors disturbing him and other neighbors.

“So What?  My crews listen to music while working, this is common and he should just get over it.  We will be gone in a few days anyways.”  If this (or something like it) was your first reaction, you may want to reconsider.  Why?  Here was his next comment:

“If you and your staff don’t care about offending me and my neighbors – I don’t want to hire you.”

Even if neighbors never complain, your crews could be costing you a lot of business (and money) if they do not take into consideration how their actions and appearance could affect others wanting to do business with your company.

How can you turn your crews into a marketing powerhouse?

1 - Company shirts.  These go a long way to making your crews look more professional.

2 - Incentivize good behavior.  Tell your crews they will each get $20.00 gift cards for every neighbor that hires your company.

3 - Remind them that even if they speak a different language they need to watch what they say.

I had a roofer tell me that a homeowner called him to tell him that the roofing was going well, but that apparently his crews “really like his wife”.  They were speaking another language that the homeowner also understood.  This is not good marketing!

4 - Clean up the jobsite every day.

5 - Keep the jobsite music down or use i-pods.

6 - Be alert to the looks of the neighbors.  If they look unhappy try to figure out why.

There is a lot more to marketing for roofing contractors than just placing ads.  Fine tune your crews and you will be surprised how much additional work they can bring in for you.